Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finish The Art of War

I finished reading The Art of War in several hours. It wasn’t a difficult read nor did it drag the point out to make the book lengthy. I saw in that book things I was doing wrong in my personal life, fail strategies that I was continuing. Even though The Art of War is about military strategy its clear after reading a few of the pages that you can apply it to all areas of life and that’s what I intend on doing. I was caught up in reading it just as I was caught up in reading The Secret. What I’ve got from both those book I plan on changing the way I think, act and look at life and the world. I enjoy reading it and it isn’t a book where you only read once, it along with The Secret are books that you return to over and over again when you need to understand events in your life or even yourself when you are going through those events. Now that I’m finish reading that, there’s still the Bible that I’m reading now I’m trying about what other books I should get.

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