Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sick... Physical?... Emotional?... Both

Being sick is never a happy feeling regardless of what form of sickness it is. Dealing with one form is bad enough but when its both emotional and physical the feeling can't be properly explained. For going on two weeks now I've been under the weather really badly; flu and bacteria like symptons. Physically its has really knocked me off my feet. Before my body took ill there's my other sickness, the emotional one of the heart. The feeling of being emotionally weak, sad, depress and the list goes on. I'm bearly holding it together emotionally but now my body too is under attack from this unknown source. I feel like my body is breaking down and its hard to tell if its because of my broken heart and state of me or because I'm phycially ill.

I don't have the physical strength nor the emotionally one to properly aid myself in this struggle. My back is killing me, head hurt, coughing like crazy and feeling weak. When I'm not doing that I'm crying, still feeling weak and depress. My entire body is a wreck and there's no to my aid. I'm physically and emotionally under the weather, what a way to end one year and start an other. But I'm trying to accept the now that I'm in, it is what it is.

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