Monday, May 23, 2011

Yaad 2 Yard’s Progress

Yaad2Yard is up and running on Facebook and I'm nervous about it. Its like watching your baby take their first step, your mindful of ever movement they make and your primary concern is their safety; or as in my case how well the page will be received and will anyone purchase someone. I find myself more interested in the negative feedback, if any, from people who visit or buy from me. But overall I'm both excited and nervous. This is a small accomplishment for me, the page represent that I'm trying to do something especially something I've never done before. I want people to like the stuff on there but I know not everyone will. Some will like what I offer but find the price high. So Yaad2Yard is official public now, I'm a business own once again. That phase was the easy part, the next phase and the next challenge is to make it profitable.

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