Saturday, May 21, 2011

Music Listening

I’m slowly able to start listening to music again. A few weeks ago I played some classical music for the first time this year and earlier this evening I played some jazz music. Overall playing any kind of music make me sad and I definitely still have a hard listening to any R&B music. No matter where I am and I hear it I try to tone it out but I would always get depress by it. Crazy enough jazz and classical though I feel like I’m rediscovering music again if I play it too much like I would normally do with that kind of music I would then start to feel lonely. Its difficult doing through what I’m dealing with and one would think music would be something to help relax me but for the most part in only make the pain hurt more. Little by little I’m going to play more jazz and classical music, after those are my favorite genres beside R&B. But R&B is definitely off the menu until further notice, just can’ handle it. Its weird to actually go through the day purposely avoiding listening or playing any form or music. I suppose its one of those things that has changed with me….

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