Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Drinking Isn’t For Me

I tried the drinking and its obvious it isn’t for me and something I’ll never do again. I couldn’t drown my sorrows in alcohol. I couldn’t even get drunk, at most all I got was really tipsy. My body rejected the alcohol and I threw up. The only good thing that came from that experience was I slept like a baby that night. The pain I’m feeling I’m going to have to endure it sober until it eventually go away. I don’t know how some people can drink on a regular or drink to the point where they get drunk and pass out. I was tipsy but still functional and couldn’t get myself to the point of being drunk like I wanted to. I wanted to drink so I wouldn’t have to think about her, wouldn’t have to think about anything or feel anything. Just drink until I can’t stand and pass out; I failed at that attempt. I suppose for me, I’ll never find escape at the bottom of a bottle and maybe God doesn’t want me to either. Either way, all that happened was I got tipsy, I threw up, went to bed and because I didn’t have anything in the system when I drank the next morning my stomach wasn’t feeling right; I didn’t even come close to getting a hangover. How do you fail at getting drunk hahaha. I never liked alcohol and this experience has proven that I never will. Drinking just isn’t for me…

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