Monday, June 21, 2010

Love Me Again

You were once mine, now I’ve lost you and it hurt
The world now doesn’t matter, breathing isn’t important, eating has become pointless.
All that consume my thoughts, my vision, my world is the pain of your absence.
A pain that with each passing moment, second, hour and day become more unbearable, like a burn on my heart that’s becoming too intense to endure.
I’ve lost you therefore I’ve lost myself.
The part of me that smiles, the part of me that is happy, the part of me that find meaning in life, joy, beauty in every sun rise and sunset is gone. Now in it’s place is a hole filled with sadness.
I’ve pushed you away and you took my heart as you were leaving.
You were once min and I let you go, now I’ll do anything to have you again, to see your smile, to feel your touch, to hold you.
I’ve lost you thus I’ve lost my heart, I’ve lost love, I’ve lost life. A life without love is no life and a life without you is not worth living.

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