Sunday, June 20, 2010

Prayer From A Friend

My good friend, the one who's been helping me through this, sent me a prayer a few days ago asking God to help me through what's going on. I thought I'll share it...

"Dear Jesus, please comfort [blank] and bring him peace to his heart. Reveal to him your unconditional love and give him strength. He is going through a very tough time right now, but I know that you love him because he is your son. He is suffering through great pain. He doesn't understand why this is happening to him. I pray that you will reveal your master plan to him and fill [blank's] heart with joy and love, and that you will show him that everything is in your control. You have the best plan for him and his life. Amen."

She's been a really good friend to me over the years and I thank her so much not only for the prayer but her friendship as well.

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