Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Someone's Regret

Throughout my life with the women that I’ve encountered I’ve wish things were different with them and I. Wish I would have did things differently or not done certain things. But the stories all seem to be the same; I’m the one that misses them, I’m the one that don’t want to live my life without them and I’m the one that regret how things turned out. It’s a torturing feeling, you feel like you’re the problem, like you’re the one that did something wrong and what’s worst you’re the one left in tears and broken heart. But for once, I would like to be the one someone can’t live without. For once I want to be the one someone feel they have to have in their life and would do anything to have back. I want to be someone’s regret, that person she look at and realize she made a mistake letting go or not fighting to hold on to. I want to be that person that she can't get out of her head, she constantly dream of, that person that she feel so deeply for that life isn't worth living without. I’m left feeling empty, broken, rejected and alone because there’s someone I don’t want to live without someone I love with all my heart but can’t be with. For once I want to know what it feel like to have someone beg for me and cry over me, to tell me she's madly in love with me, for once I want someone to feel for me what I’m feeling right now for her.

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